Are you flexible enough to respond to an ever-changing marketplace? Does your architecture framework allow your organization’s structure, business functions, and processes to collaborate in achieving your business goals?

An enterprise architecture is a fully integrated collection of models and documents across four key architecture domains (Business, Information, Systems and Technology). Developing an enterprise architecture produces an organizational blueprint that can help improve business quality, efficiency and accountability.

911Helpline delivers well-developed enterprise architecture solution that enables organizations to respond rapidly, effectively and positively to the opportunities and challenges presented by today's market changes, industry consolidations, and technological advances.

An Enterprise Architecture includes:

  • Models of business processes (BPM), information, systems, and technology
  • Descriptions of graphical and textual artifacts that make up these models
  • Full traceability to the goals and objectives of the organization
  • Standards that underpin the content and presentation of the architecture

An enterprise architecture, stored and maintained in a comprehensive and fully-integrated repository, is a core asset to an organization, delivering:

  • Ability to respond to change
  • Reduced cost of managing the IT infrastructure
  • Improved communication and understanding for all stakeholders
  • An excellent basis for business process improvement and analysis



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